Darien Traffic Cams (courtesy of ConnDot)


Below are the seven highway cams located on Interstate 95 in Darien, Ct. These Digital cameras cover Exits 9 to 13. These images are provided as a public service by and ConnDot (Connecticut Department of Transportation). This page will refresh every 2 minutes.

I-95 Darien S/B Exits 10-9 Darien Rest Area S/B

I-95 Darien S/B Exits 10-9 Hollow Tree Ridge (MP 10.3)

I-95 Darien S/B Exit 10  Norton Ave (MP 10.8) I-95 Darien S/B Exit 10  South (MP 11.1)

I-95 Darien N/B Exit 12 East of Bridge 44 (MP 12.0) I-95 Darien N/B Exits 12-13 Darien Rest Area (MP 12.5)

I-95 Darien S/B Exit 13 Kings Highway North (MP 13.2)


NOTE: The camera is located adjacent to the directional roadway listed on the image (i.e. 'N' for North or 'S' for South), but may be pointed in either direction. For example, if the image is marked 'I-95N,' this means that traffic closest to the camera is moving northbound on I-95.

The timestamp on the image uses Eastern Time. With newer
browsers, this image will automatically reload in 5 minutes.

Images are the property of, and provided with permission from the State of Connecticut.

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